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Maskoffaid has remained the leading, most trustworthy and the best Dark Web Hackers.

Overtime, we had come to realize that the vast majority of people that  need our help do not have access to the Deep web neither do they have access to the Dark Web, hence, we created this platform (website) on the surface web so our services can be available to the general public. However, we have noticed that there are  many fake hackers, who claim to be part of our services. We have put out warnings  to these fraudsters and have successfully closed many of them. However, to prove our genuineness, we have  taken measures to give exclusive access to y’all for our DARK WEB site. This post includes a guide on how to safely access our dark web site….

1. Download a good VPN service either paid or free.
2. Download the Tor Browser from Here 
3. Click Here to be redirected to our Darkweb page or input this on the Tor Browser URL bar (http://7whoujc522gdx6jy2gddpi2i43sgtum2fnwk64xnxtcocpo4flwd2myd.onion)
4. You would be safely redirected to our Darkweb page.

Remember, maskoffweb is the only hacker you can trust as we have helped others and we promise to do same for you!!!



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